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Caring for Kiyo Socks

How many times have you worn a sock with a hole in it? Probably more than once, right? Poor little things. They take a real beating. Hours of walking, running, jumping, and rubbing against your shoes can do a number on them. That's why we're here to share some tips on how to keep them in tip-top shape. 
Turn them inside out! This works for most clothes, but especially for socks. By flipping them inside out, you'll reduce the amount of friction on the outer surface of the sock, which means less damage.

Get a laundry bag! You can find these at most supermarkets or invest in a microfibre laundry bag to minimise microplastic release down the drain. But either way, a laundry bag will keep your socks protected from excessive rubbing and allow them to last longer. Follow our washing instructions as well for best results.
Wash and dry with care. Stick to cold water and avoid tumble drying if possible. If you have to tumble dry, use low heat. Most importantly, don't forget to use mild soap. Look for ones that are gentle on delicate fabric or specifically made for wool. No bleach or fabric softeners needed here - our socks are naturally soft.

Still Pilling? Don't Stress! Over time, your socks will probably pill a bit. But that's just a sign that they're made with natural fibres like Kiyo's certified organic cotton. Besides, it's the durability that counts. If you follow these tips, you're sure to get a little extra life out of your favourite pair.
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