Kowtow x Better with Friends. In store activation this September.

KOWTOW A wardrobe that works for you

“Good design involves as little design as possible”. Dieter Rams


Influenced by Dieter Rams streamlined approach to design, Kowtow presents a new collection that inspires its wearers to consider their clothing and dress with intention. In designing this collection, Creative Director, Marilou Dadat reframed her approach from fashion to product design, a perspective that aligns with our ethos and challenges us to produce clothing that is considered and foundational.


Driven by their desire to reduce waste to landfill, Kowtow subscribe to the ethos of less, but better. From the quality of their material made from 100% certified Fairtrade organic cotton and through to a reductive design approach, Kowtow aim to encourage conscious consumption by advocating for a wardrobe of timeless styles to be reconfigured and reworn.


Derived from colours born of the natural world, the collection offers mauve, lawn and lilac to pair with neutral tones that complete the palette. A timeless execution of the idea of impressionism.


The subtle texture of the Cleo Trench Coat, made of deep green ripstop fabric, highlights a functional material, tailored to compliment your modular wardrobe, a seasonless classic. 


Kowtow's garments are designed to operate within a modular system, offering flexibility and opportunity for self-expression. Curating four distinct wardrobes that prioritise versatility and ease, each intended to simplify daily dressing. Every garment has been carefully considered to ensure seamless integration into your existing wardrobe.


Since their inception in 2006, Kowtow’s purpose has been to put people and the planet first. Working with a Fairtrade certified supply chain and like-minded partners to create discernible change within the fashion industry. 




You can shop Kowtows latest collection online at betterwithfriends.store. 

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